One stat Connor Bedard and Brock Faber should not be compared in the Calder Trophy race

Stop using +/-, it is an outdated stat.
Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports
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Hockey has evolved to the point where nearly everyone has realized it is an outdated stat that is poorly calculated.

For those still clinging to it as mattering, you either are a Wild fan (we are not here to judge) or still stuck in 1960. Someday it will either be calculated correctly (give the minus-rating to the specific player whose mistake allowed the goal-scoring chance and the plus-rating to players who touched the puck during the scoring sequence) or be removed altogether.

Join us in modern times, go with your eyes, and see that Bedard is clearly the better player. Not many people show up to watch Faber play. People are paying good money to see Bedard. He is rewarding them with amazing play every night.

Sorry Wild supporters but being a box-office draw should be a consideration since the league desperately needs to grow its audience.

The only good thing with the Wild faithful shouting into the void is that it is starting to make the Hawks and Wild a rivalry.