Will Taylor Hall be an Asset for the Blackhawks at the 2025 Trade Deadline?

Or will he be a future long term Blackhawk?

New Jersey Devils v Chicago Blackhawks
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When Kyle Davidson traded for Taylor Hall from the Bruins to help the rebuilding Blackhawks, the expectation was that he would be amongst the top scorers on the team in a prominent top 6 role.  Unfortunately, just as it seemed he was starting to find his stride, Hall was injured (right knee in late November).  Very quickly Kyle Davidson would scramble and find some players to fill the roles of the injured Hall (as well as other injuries).  The potential now seems to be for Hall to come back healthy and contribute to a 2024-2025 Blackhawks’ top 6 that is greatly improved.  

In what was once a quiet deadline this year, now appears to not just be heating up but rather become ablaze over the last day. Could Taylor Hall come back in the final year of his 4yr / 24m deal to become the Blackhawk's greatest asset for the 2025 trade deadline and net an excellent return?

Taylor Hall
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Hall has an extensive resume that any contender would love to have for a Cup Run afterall... Former #1 overall pick, Hart Trophy winner, over 700 points (combined regular season and playoffs), with seven 20+ goal seasons under his belt before he turned 30.

Now 32 years old and coming off a knee injury (right ACL), the Blackhawks will hope that Hall can find his old form quickly to pair with Connor Bedard on the top line per the orginial intention of the trade. Certainly Nick Foligno has worked out well as the other part of that deal as evidence by his re-singing (well earned due to his play and leadership). Could Taylor Hall work out even better?

From our perspective it could be a win-win scenario if Taylor Hall comes back healthy and energetic to regain his top 6 form. Kyle Davidson would then have to make a decision on whether or not to extend a well-playing forward or to capitalize on his play at next year's trade deadline.

If say Hall, playing with Bedard, got back to a 20-30 goal, 55-65 point pace (per 82) ... could a 50% retained (3m cap hit) player of his stature net a future 1st round pick? It isn't out of the question after all. Just look at this deadline for example, how many 700 point, former Hart Trophy winners are available? Jake Guentzel's points (ppg) aren't that dissimilar, albeit 200 points short (due to time in the league / games played) and his value could be that of a 1st and a prospect when all is said and done (also injured at the moment though not as serious as Hall's injury).

So, fast forward, make a bookmark, and let's revisit this in 1 year from today. While the other option is a negative one (that he doesn't regain his form) and we are inclined to believe that Hall will come back with a renewed frame and production to match. Will Taylor Hall be the Blackhawks' best trade asset or will they extend him before then? What would the value of a 33 year old on pace for a 60+ season be at this trade deadline? Something to think about, even this far ahead...

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