Chicago Blackhawks Hot And Not: Looking At Team’s Recent Struggles

CHICAGO, IL - NOVEMBER 27: Alex DeBrincat
CHICAGO, IL - NOVEMBER 27: Alex DeBrincat /

Lately, the Chicago Blackhawks just don’t have it. Sometimes we see flashes of a successful team, and sometimes we just don’t.

The Chicago Blackhawks are now on a five-game losing streak after a 6-2 setback Wednesday against Washington, which simply isn’t acceptable in the eyes of the Blackhawks’ front office. Missing Corey Crawford for a few games hasn’t helped, but the Blackhawks’ big moneymakers haven’t necessarily done their jobs either.

Frankly, there hasn’t been much positivity lately for our Blackhawks. Gustav Forsling and Jan Rutta look good as a shutdown pairing. Alex DeBrincat has been putting together solid starts. Jonathan Toews continues to win draws at an above-average rate. Because really no one is standing out right now, let’s have a little fun.

Hot: Blackhawks fans 

“High” might have been a better word to use than “hot,” if we were talking about the blood pressure of fans. Fans are pissed off, and deservingly so. This Blackhawks group has spoiled its viewers over the years, and this success has led to unrealistically high expectations.

Fans flat out expect this team to not only make the playoffs, but advance in them, and contend for a Cup every single year. With playoff disappointment the past two postseasons along with the playoffs not being a guarantee as of today, fans are making completely irrational claims.

First of all … how can you call yourself a Chicago Blackhawks fan if you HOPE they miss the playoffs? “RK” must have not been a fan in the dark days. This team, in the past decade, has been known for winning, and has prided itself for it. A big part of his has been Q, who “RK” also believes needs to go right now.

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  • Thanks for your input, “Esox_Actual.” This tweet is almost not even worth commenting on. Would anyone take on the Toews contract, and if so, would you move him after all he’s done for the franchise?

    Realistically, what is your return for Anisimov? Where is this team at today without Keith or Crawford? Buying out Seabrook screws your financial situation in the future even more than it already is. You might as well use him situationally for a few more years.

    At least “Sox_Enthusiast” is enough of a fan to know where the two faces of the franchise are from.

    Blackhawks fans have been known as some of the best fans in the past decade. They need to continue acting like it. Be thankful for all the playoff runs, Cup wins, outdoor games and highlight-reel plays. After a little retooling, they’ll be back.

    Not: Blackhawks’ offensive production 

    Let’s look at some eye-opening stats in the past five games:

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    Record: 0-3-2

    Goals for: 10

    Goals against: 19

    Goals: Toews (2), Franson, Saad, DeBrincat, Anisimov, Kane, Wingles, Bouma (2)

    Assists: Seabrook, Keith, Hartman (2) , Murphy (3) , Toews, Kane, Schmaltz (2), Forsling, Sharp, DeBrincat (2), Hayden, Rutta

    In the list above, do you see anyone really standing out? It’s nice to see production coming from all over, but like I said before, the Blackhawks’ moneymakers need to show us why they’re making all that money.

    Richard Panik needs to take off his invisibility cloak before he steps onto the ice, Nick Schmaltz needs to shoot the puck, Patrick Sharp needs to … he probably needs to sit for a few games.

    Blackhawks fans have been publicly demanding the call-up of Vinnie Hinostroza, and I think that’s exactly what the Blackhawks need. Someone with a nose for the net, who is fast and can create plays.

    I really am a firm believer that with the right line combinations, this team can string together a few wins, gain some confidence and furthermore gain some ground in a really tight Western Conference.





    Next: Blackhawks Must Change Ways Quickly

    It might not be a bad idea to find someone to play on the Kane line via trade, or a third-line center who can win some draws until Schmaltz grows into a center role. Regardless, I think this team is close. Real Close. They haven’t played as bad as their record shows.

    LET’S GO!